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Hello! I am Lexi Ariete. I am a Sophomore this year. I joined the Benjamin Franklin community in 8th grade. I have been waiting to be in Journalism for two years now, and I am finally excited to say that I am part of the class. I did not know what I was getting into when joining the class, but the environment is very friendly, and I was able to feel like I  had fit in quickly. I joined Journalism because I have enjoyed writing since I was in elementary, starting with the simple plots of a princess being saved by a prince.

For a more personal subject, I do not have many hobbies. I play videogames occasionally, and talk to friends during my freetime. I am the eldest out of four daughters. I have a sister in seventh grade, that is attending this school. I do not have a favorite food, because I am the kind of individual to eat everything. I have lived in Arizona for all fourteen years of my life. I like to write every now and then, when my mind decides not to have writer's block. An odd fact about me is that I like to write stories, but not to read. I am 3/4 Filipino, and I embrace my Filipino side, greatly. I have never been to the Philippines, personally, but my dad was born there, while my mom was born in Hawaii. I am part of a family that are big fans of Disney. I have been to Disney World twice, and Disneyland a little over ten times.

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