2018-2019 Staff

Caiden Cook

Editor in Chief

Hello, I'm Caiden. :) You can find me jamming on the guitar on the daily, and I'm always gonna have a song stuck in my head. I enjoy drinking chocolate milk, quoting movies, and participating in choirs. I also make some BANGIN'...

Dylan Huttenlocher

Photo Editor

Hi! I'm Dylan Huttenlocher and I'm a Senior at BFHS. I play basketball and love to learn to science. I intend to become a doctor or surgeon when I get to college. Live life to the fullest and never have regrets, stay fresh.

Keegan Robbins

Page Designer

Hi. I am Keegan Robbins. I am a senior, at Ben Franklin. I recently transferred here from Higley High School. Public schools are horrible, and all of my friends were leaving to go do online schooling. My favorite colors are maroon,...

Jacob Turley

News Editor

I am a senior at BFHS.  I love to play and follow sports.  I enjoy going to the lake and wake surfing with friends.  I also enjoy ice cream, fried chicken, and traveling the world.

Alexis Anderson

Features Editor

My name is Alexis Anderson. I am a junior this year at BFHS, and this will be my eighth year going to this school. I am the oldest child of six kids and a dog (who we consider as a child); of all the children, there is only one...

Leslie Garcia

Opinion Editor

My name is Leslie Garcia and I am currently a junior at Benjamin Franklin. I have been a student at Benjamin Franklin since 5th grade and I am currently the Opinion Editor for this school's journalism class. I'm excited to see...

Autumn Tingue

Sports Editor

I like watching Netflix, playing basketball, and hanging out with my friends. I spend too much time on my homework and I still fail at quizzes I take. I look forward to Sunday night steak dinners.

Shruti Patel

Copy Editor

Hi! My name is Shruti and I love books and reading. I also enjoy watching Marvel movies and DC shows. I like to swim, play tennis as well as ride my bike with my little brother. Some of my favorite books include (but are not limited...

Trina Phan

Copy Editor

My name is Trina Phan. I am a junior and have been at this school since the 7th grade. My favorite things to do are listen to music (especially Korean pop music), watch anime, read manga, swim, and be online like 24/7. I am an...

Alexis Banks


Hey! I'm Alexis and I really love creating and developing new ideas for the Charger Voice. I'm a writer who loves to write, weird right??! Writing just comes easy to me, especially when I get to chose the topic about somethin...

Danner Bowen


I am Danner Bowen. I am the varsity quarterback and the starting safety on the football team. Oh, I also play volleyball but who cares. I love sports and I have a passion for food. When I can, I love going to my grandparents'...

Manaia Carpenter


Hi! I am Manaia Carpenter and I am sixteen years old. I am a junior in high school and will be a high school graduate in the year of 2020. I enjoy playing softball and being around my teammates. I love to dance and listen to music...

Joshua Case


I am a junior at BFHS. I love to play sports and be active. I like to spend my free with my friends and keep a positive outlook on life.

Nicholas Convis


My name is Nicholas Convis. I like shoes and sharks. Dinosaurs are cool too. I'm unemployed so that's rad.

Carter Davis


I'm Carter Davis and I like sports. I like to watch movies. I like to look at pictures. I like art. I like animals.

Karlie Dibell


My name is Karlie Dibell and I am a sophomore. I am a writer and photographer. I love to take pictures of animals and other things in nature. My favorite thing to do is ride horses and listen to rock music. My horse's name is...

Sydney Fish


My name is Sydney Fish. I am a senior.

Alora Foote


I have lived in Arizona my whole life. I am mainly German but I have a little Native American blood. I have three dogs: Tucker, Max, and Hurley. Tucker is an Australian Shepherd rescue mix; Maximus Prime is a full-bred German...

Tyler Foster


I am a senior at BFHS. I play baseball for the school and am a player for a travel team here in Arizona.

Sarah Gaspar


My name is Sarah Gaspar. I am a Junior this year. I have four brothers and I am the oldest. I love foreign languages and sciences. I hope to make this year one to remember.

Ashley George


My name is Ashley George. I am a sophomore and love Science. I love horse riding as well as jet skiing and quad riding. I love listing to all genres of music and spending my free time taking pictures and traveling.

Kaidyn Greene


I am Kaidyn and I am a Junior.

Rhys Green


Okay so basically I'm Rhys Green and I am writing.

Rachel Jarvis


Hi my name is Rachel. My nickname is Rae. I have three dogs and I love to play softball even though I am not very good at it. That is pretty much it.

Cameron Lund


Hello, my name is Cameron Lund. I love food and scuba diving.

Cade McAfee


I am Cade McAfee. I go to Benjamin Franklin High School and strive to follow the Charger Way everyday. I stay fit by playing sports and doing weights, which I hope to be able to break the bench record. I have a lot of friends...

Garrison Meeks


Hi I am Garrison Meeks and I am a senior here at Benjamin Franklin. I enjoy playing the game of basketball. Thanks for reading.

Alyssa Mowers


"Hello everyone," said no one ever. Alyssa Mowers here with "not many interesting facts about me." For all you volleyball players out there, this is my sport. YAAAAY! I have played volleyball for as long as I can remember. I love...

Andres Nichols


I am a Freshman and that is all you need to know.

Reagan Parker


I am Reagan Parker, a junior here at Ben Franklin. I enjoy singing and am in Charged Harmonies, and I also play on the varsity basketball team. I play guitar and enjoy both history and English classes.

Jacob Pieczynski


Hello! I am a fourteen year old freshman here at BFHS. I like to work out, play baseball, read, code, and hang out with my family and friends. I am stoked to be here and want to bring you all the best stories possible!

Hannah Ponder


Hey it's Hannah...Hannah Ponder. I'm a super tall female with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm the youngest in my family and I have one older brother and one older sister. I'm a junior in high school and I love music. I'm...

Josh Resh


My name is Josh. I like to play baseball and wrestle. I am currently a Junior. I like to go to concerts and find new music to listen to.

Logan Rocha


Hi, my name is Logan Rocha I'm 16 and a junior at BFHS. I play basketball for the school and love sports.

Stephanie Schnebly


I am a Junior who aspires to be an animator. I have five birds, two dogs and two fish. I usually draw in my free time but I also like to play video games. I enjoy spending time with my family as well. This is my first year in...

Kayla Smith


My name is Kayla Smith. I was born in Utah and moved to Arizona when I was 3 years old, and I have lived in this heat forever. I picked up my first camera when I was 14 years old and really fell in love with photography. Years...

Lexi Stradling


My name is Lexi Stradling and I'm a senior.

Gunnar Strom


Hey, my name is Gunnar Strom and I am a 14 year old freshman. I like to skateboard and play the drums in my spare time. I have a younger sister and no pets. I know, it's a nightmare. My birthday is September 15 and I was born...

Amber Tingue


My name is Amber and no one takes me seriously. I am also a victim to playful and loving bullying by Rhys and Caiden. (They sometimes apologize so it's okay)

Avery Ward


My name is Avery Ward and I am a freshman.  Here's a few things I like to do. Firstly, I love to play volleyball! I have been playing on the court for five years. I have recently started beach volleyball, which is super fun!...