Alyssa Mowers
"Hello everyone," said no one ever. Alyssa Mowers here with "not many interesting facts about me." For all you volleyball players out there, this is my sport. YAAAAY! I have played volleyball for as long as I can remember. I love horses, although, I don't have one. You may be thinking, why does this person think I am actually going to read this? Well, I will get to the point. I am the oldest of five almost six in my family. I love photography! I am currently a freshman or, others call us, freshies. I lived in Idaho for a few years when I was younger and have lived in Arizona for the rest of my chaotic life. I have two dogs and one is almost entirely blind and the other is what my family calls a chiweenipoo (he's a mutt). I know, I know, no one likes to read big long paragraphs, so I'm going to stop. SEE YOU!!!


Alyssa Mowers, Contributor

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