Alexis Banks
Hi, my name is Alexis Banks and my life is SO FASCINATING xD, so take a seat because you're going to wanna hear this. I play volleyball for The Blaze and for my school, Benjamin Franklin. I really enjoy sitting at home doing whatever with my 3 siblings, whether it's watching T.V. or playing cards and board games, whatever it is, I enjoy it. With only 1 brother, my sisters and I fight for the bathroom in the morning and surprisingly I make it to school on time. At school, of course, I take the regular curriculum classes, but I also take 3 electives that I enjoy: Latin I, seminary, and journalism. I also take a zero hour. In my zero hour most of my best friends are there which makes it sooo much fun. My friends include, my best girl friends, Faith and Lauren, and my best guy friends, Justin and Briston. I have many more friends than this but these are the ones who get me most. We laugh and joke together, and if you heard our conversations you would think we where crazy... actually we are pretty crazy, so think whatever you want. All though these people are dear to me, none of them are my absolute best friend. My BEST friend is another girl named Lauren Gangwish that lives in Prescott. We've known each other for 10 years and through those years we have been through so much. Road trips to Cali, tea parties, fashion shows, crazy siblings, bullies, and so much crying just because we felt like it. Even though we still have our falling outs, what best friends haven't? Anyway, like I said, my life is pretty fascinating and I have so much to say, but I'm busy right now making more fascinating memories to add at another time.

Alexis Banks, Staff Writer

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