2019-2020 Staff

Alexis Anderson

Editor in Chief

Hi! I am a senior this year and I've attended this school for nine years. I love being outdoors and riding horses. I am the oldest of six kids (five girls and a boy). I look like my dad but act like my mom. I love to dance and...

Alexis Banks

News Editor

My name really has more nicknames than any other and you can call my any one of them. Just please do not call me Alexa, I will not play Despacito on command. I am a junior on your school Volleyball team. I enjoy editing and writing...

Sam Montejano

Opinion Editor

Hey Chargers! I'm Sam Montejano and I am a senior at Benjamin Franklin High School. Sarcasm is great, converse are better. I look forward to writing relevant  and credible news for you guys. You don't want to be that person who...

Faith Duey

Sports Editor

Hey guys! My name is Faith Duey and hopefully I am going to be your guys' sports editor. I play volleyball at school and outside of school. My two dogs are my entire life, and my favorite food of all time is my mom's homemade...

Araby Scott


Hello chicos, my name is Araby Scott I am a junior here at Benjamin Franklin. I am 15 so, I am one of the youngest juniors here. I am a competitive swimmer and passionate cook.

Averi Carlson


My name is Averi Carlson and I am a Freshman this year. I love traveling and seeing the many wonders of the world. I traveled the world for a year with my family and saw 12 different countries. I also love to write stories and...

Braquel Schiermeyer


Hi, I'm Braquel Schiermeyer and I am a freshman here at BFHS. I plan on being on the basketball team this year.  I like hanging out with my friends (shoutout to Lelia Keene and Alexis Huttenlocher) and making stupid decisions....

Chandler Ellerbusch


Hello, my name is Chandler Ellerbusch. I am 15 and I am a junior this year. This is only my second year at Benjamin Franklin High School. I enjoy reading comics, watching horror movies, and watching any type of animation. I also...

Ian Dahl


Howdy, my name is Ian Dahl and I'm 14 years old. I was born in California and moved to Arizona when I was young. I'm a sophomore at Benjamin Franklin High School and I play the violin. One of my favorite things in the world is...

Kaleb Tewksbury

Feature Editor

Hello, my name is Kaleb Tewksbury, I am currently a senior at BFHS. Some of my pastimes are playing guitar,  piano, and I can also make a bunch of other instruments make noise. I hope that during my time here I can make an impact...

Karlee Swanson


Hello. I am Karlee; I am a senior this year, finally with very few classes. I guess, if Karlie and I get confused too often, you can simply refer to me as Karl (Swan). Yes, I am a graphic designer, but I will not be making egocentric...

Karlie Dibell


Howdy! I am a Junior who enjoys riding horses and have been since I was three years old. I love capturing the fun moments of life through the lens of my camera. I have been participating in Journalism and Yearbook for three years...

Kayla Smith


My name is Kayla Smith, but most know me as Kayla Shae. I am 17 years old and I enjoy traveling, being with my friends and most of all, taking pictures. When I take pictures, fine art and lifestyle photography are my favorite....

Lexi Ariete


Hello! I am Lexi Ariete. I am a Sophomore this year. I joined the Benjamin Franklin community in 8th grade. I have been waiting to be in Journalism for two years now, and I am finally excited to say that I am part of the class....

Nic Rendon


I am a 15 year old sophomore at BFHS. I play on the football team and run for track. I enjoy spending time with friends. I like seeing new places and trying new things.

Oliver Jamias


My name is Redd Oliver Jamias, but you can call me Oliver.  I am a sophomore and I was born in the Philippines.  I will be writing for the Charger Voice and Yearbook for this school year.  I can play the piano, viola, and a li...

Onika Wallace


I'm a freshman. Once I get fully comfortable with the people in this classroom, I will become me. I'm very loud when needed to be and some days I give a lot of attitude. I'm very sarcastic.

Parker Willis


I am a 16 year old sophomore at BFHS. I love photography and watching sports. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love traveling to new places. I enjoy surfing and playing spikeball.😀

Parul Singh


I am a junior, who loves photography, singing and acting. Besides my likings, I am a vegetarian, who plans on saving animals as well. Now to photography. Photography is more of a hobby for me, instead of it being a career, but...

Tony Ureste


Howdy y'all, I'm Tony, I'm a senior at BFHS. I have a metal straw andddd a hydro. #ecofrirendly #savetheearth #savetheturtles #blessed #follow4follow <33333 XD UWU XOXOXOXO's

Morgin Davis

My name is Morgin Davis. I cook, play the guitar and I like to pretend I'm good at writing. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Grace Davis


I am 15 and a sophomore at Benjamin Franklin. I just moved to Queen Creek from Middleton, Idaho. I like to travel, wakeboard, surf, run track and cross country. My favorite place to be is the ocean.

Rachel Jarvis


Hi! My name is Rachel Jarvis, I love this class so much I decided to take a zero hour so I would be able to take it again, and I love my sleep more than most people. I love dogs, I have three. That's basically it.

Camden Cook


Hello lads and lasses. I'm Camden Cook, a 15-year-old sophmore. I play guitar and love writing music. Some say I'm "obsessed" with the greatest tv show of all time, "Psych". I simply like to refer to it as dedication. I can make...

Madeline Farnsworth


I am a senior this year. I am currently attending EVIT for medical assisting. I love anything medical. I am really excited to be writing for the charger voice this year!

Gunnar Strom


I'm a 16 year old sophomore and I skate and play the drums. I'm also probably going to get kicked out of this class for talking.

Andres Nichols


Why are you reading this? Why are reading this? Why are you reading this? (There was a minimum of three sentences)

Selas Rivers


Hello, my name is Selas Rivers. I am a Junior that has gone to Benjamin Franklin High School for about three years. I enjoy sketching in my free time but I am not as good as professional artists. I also enjoy music which has been...

Alora Foote


I'm now a sophomore (What?) and don't know what I'm doing. I own and ride horses and occasionally play volleyball.