Charger Girls Crush ALA Teams: Thursday’s Volleyball Match

Alexis Banks, Writer

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Last week, the JV and Varsity girls took on ALA in a volleyball match at the school in the gym. The Junior Varsity game was tough and it was really exciting to watch the girls give it their all. They took the win with a 2-0 final score; not even having to go to a third set. ALA’s girls were tense and very jittery when they played which was definitely shown in the score. This was one of their best games, but the game following this one was absolutely the highlight of the night.

The Varsity girls took such a huge win Thursday night, ALA couldn’t even manage to take a single set against the Chargers. All the girls fought so hard making this their best game of the season with their first win. While watching, the fans could tell they have improved from the beginning of their season. They each gave their one-hundred percent effort into each set, deserving that win. ALA did do a better job of putting of a fight in this game; the Chargers definitely still had to fight for their win.

Overall, ALA wasn’t able to take a single set that night and left the school with two major loses, while the Chargers left with two victories. This game should be called as the actual start to the season because it wasn’t up until this point that the girls were able to get their game together and play like a team.

In addition, the JV B team did also play that night, but lost it in 2 sets. Hopefully they grew from it and will take the win this Tuesday at the Chargers home game.

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