Dallas Police Officer Shoots Man in Own Home

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Dallas Police Officer Shoots Man in Own Home

Jacob Pieczynski, Contributor

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At 10 p.m. on Thursday, September 6, disaster struck the South Side Flats apartment building in Dallas, Texas. Four-year Dallas police veteran Amber Guyger was arrested on a count of manslaughter for shooting a man in his own apartment.  Following her shift for the day, Guyger arrived at the South Side Flats apartment building to go home. She entered an apartment thinking it was her own and shot the occupant.

The 30-year old officer immediately called 911. First aid was administered on scene, however, the victim, named Botham Jean, died at the hospital. Jean, a 26-year old, was a Harding University graduate originally from the Carribean island of St. Lucia. He moved to Arkansas to attend college, and upon receiving his degree, he moved to Dallas to work at the accounting and consulting firm PwC. His family described him as a “devout Christian and a talented singer… [he was] a brilliant man of impeccable character” (Fox News).

Few details have been released from Dallas PD, however, blood samples were taken from Guyger to detect levels of alcohol or drugs in her system. At the moment, there has been no update on the results of the tests. Police believe fatigue may also have played a role in the shooting. Guyger had shot another man, Uvaldo Perez, in May of 2017 while on duty. There was a physical altercation between the two and Perez stole her taser. She shot him in the stomach and Perez is now serving time in prison. No charges were filed against Guyger for the 2017 shooting.

Guyger was still in uniform at the time of the shooting. An official affidavit released September 10 described Guyger’s version of events. The officer found the door ajar, still believing it was her own apartment. She said that is was dark inside and she saw the dark silhouette of a man. believing it was a burglar, she gave orders and claimed Jean did not listen. That’s when she shot him. The family disputes her claims in the affidavit saying that Jean had a red doormat to differentiate his apartment from the others. Two women living on the second floor, near where the shooting occurred said that they “heard a lot of noise late Thursday, ‘It was, like, police talk: ‘Open up! Open up!’ Caitlin Simpson, 20, told the Dallas Morning News… ‘We heard cops yelling but had no idea what was going on,'” (Fox News).

The Dallas Police Department put the Texas Rangers, a 3rd party law enforcement group in charge of the investigation. This prevents the Dallas Police Department from coming under any fire for bias for or against one of their own officers.

The case is quite controversial. Jean was a black male while Guyger was a white female, so people have brought up the idea of racism on the part of Guyger. People have been questioning whether Guyger is getting special treatment both because she is white and because Jean is black. People are also worried about the speed at which Guyger navigated the criminal justice system. There was less than an hour between the time she was arrested late Sunday, processed at the jail, and posted a $300,000 bond.





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