Every Driver Should Know…

Sarah Gaspar, Contributor

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Driving can be the most terrifying part of growing up. Most people have to begin learning the rules of the road at the age of fifteen, but it begins before even that. As young children, everyone is taught simple things like look both ways before crossing the street, wearing a helmet, and to fasten seat belts. These little lessons teach people to grow into watchful and careful drivers. Over the years, children grow and learn more lessons and things to build on those lessons. They learn why all these things are important, and gives them a sense of responsibility.

Most new drivers have not taken the time to read a driving manual or the road laws. Often times it is because the terminology is different than what their parents taught. New drivers need to know the different types of roads. There are country roads and scenic routes, which are practically the same thing. They are distant from civilization and have less restrictions. Often they are gravel as well. A highway is any paved road a car can drive smoothly across. A state interstate is a high profiled, high speed way of passage. Often times these will stretch across the entirety of the state.

Every driver should know they need many forms of identification available when going to obtain any form of driver registry. Most commonly, people will use a state issued ID, a birth certificate, and their social security number. It is important to show identification, and go through the rigorous system because it assures the safety of the roads and the those around too. It would be a catastrophe if fake IDs were so easily made for many reasons. A driver’s license gives more access than a permit does.

It is important to understand why speed limits, and certain laws are put into place. Most car accidents occur because drivers are going far too fast. When going too fast it is easy to miss stop signs and light signals, but it is also possible to be going too slow. If one person turns a corner at a normal speed, but the car in front of them is going under the speed limit, it is easy for the one to rear-end the other. A driver must be calm and confident when driving; all other things will become simpler if taken on with a brave face.

Drivers should know how to be constantly aware. Driving may not be a problem for one person, but others around them can make mistakes. People make bad decisions often in terms of drunk driving and being distracted. The best way to deal with this is to stay out of the way and alert the proper authorities to a hazard. Other things to be aware of are natural occurring hazards. Most commonly seen in Arizona are dust storms, and monsoons. Often times when a dust storm is happening a driver is completely blinded. If this happens the proper response is to pull to the side of the road and wait till the road is once again visible. Driving through these storms are dangerous to all vehicles on the road. During monsoon season, it is not uncommon to have harsh flash floods; they will come quickly and unexpectedly. It is best to slow down and stay out of deep waters.

It is necessary that new drivers know these things because even older drivers panic. Accidents happen to everyone. It does not allude anyone on their best or worse day. Remember it is not only one’s own person they must watch, it is all those around them as well. Stay alert and stay alive, but also keep calm and enjoy the freedom of driving.







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