2018 Arizona Senate Elections

Ashley George, Contributor

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The 2018 Arizona Senate elections are here! This current year in Arizona there are four candidates running for Senate. Our three Republican candidates Martha McSally, Joe Arpaio, and Kelli Ward. The only current running Democrat candidate  is Kyrsten Sinema. These four candidates are in the race to take one of the two available spots to be a part of Arizona’s Senate. The requirements for running for senate are pretty simple: you must be 30 years of age, lived in the U.S. for at least nine years, and live in the state you want to represent. If you meet these requirements then you can start your publication process.

Starting ones publication process, one must become established in a community. Try running for smaller offices and expand views to the voters to give them a better idea of who you are and what you believe in. This also helps build your reputation and all your credentials. The next step is to have a solid educational background, it is not required to have an education within political or economical backgrounds but is highly supported by the voters, “a Bachelor’s degree or higher in law, political science, and or business has proven to be important for senators. In our current congress, almost 40% of senators are lawyers, and 20% are bankers or businessmen” (borenproject).  Make sure to select a party that you can see yourself 100% supporting through out your six year term. Always make sure not to leave out any details. Then round up a campaign committee who will help set up and support your ideas to help represent you in the most influential way possible. The last step on the journey of the publication process is to make sure you understand all foreign aid questions. Study all foreign affairs, U.S. involvement within the military, and importance of reducing global poverty.

Martha McSally is running for the 2018 Arizona Senate election because she believes in a better tomorrow. Martha McSally is a former U.S. Arizona representative and air force pilot. She is running to extend her role model’s (John McCain’s) views. Not only is she trying to extend the republican party’s views, but to also get the approval of president Trump to aid with the changes she would like to make. Through out her campaign she has referenced to her military background to connect with the voters to show she loves the U.S. as much as they do.

Joe Arpiao a former Maricopa County sheriff has decided to run for one of the spots in the Arizona senate. Joe Arpiao was removed from his former county office because of criminal accusations as well as losing within the elections for a new sheriff. After a two year break Joe Arpiao has decided to step into a new world of government. He is also well know for his influence within the media helping boost his support within his campaign.  He is also highly confident within his beliefs which is paying off. Arpiao has gained more support throughout his campaign than that of his opponents.

Kelly Ward former state Senator from Lake Havasu City has dove into her campaign. Once Jeff Flake decided to stop running for Senator she jumped right back into he campaign even stronger than before. Kelly Ward is known for sticking by her views and standing up for her voters.  She also has stuck by her views and is constantly supporting President Donald Trump throughout her campaign.

Kyrsten Sinema Hopes to be the first “Arizona Democrat to win a high-profile statewide race in more than a decade”(U.S. Today). She is planning on representing herself throughout her campaign and not relying on President Trump to support her within the elections. She is running to be a problem solver to find malformations throughout the Senate and make changes within it.




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2018 Arizona Senate Elections