High School Vs College Volleyball

Alexis Banks, Writer

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Last week on the 24th, ASU played against three other college teams in a volleyball tournament. Out of four games they won three in the entire tournament, coming in first overall. The ASU college team is an excellent comparison to a High School team because they are one of the best in the state. Watching these teams compete and then comparing them to a High School team proved as a challenge.

In high school, girls are still figuring out what kind of player they are going to be, so it is not as fluid as college volleyball. Colleges pull from the entire state and have the ability to chose who they want for each position. High School is like this, but does not have as much of a range to choose from.

Both High School and College girls have the determination to get better and both sets of girls want to win. As college players, this is more of a priority since winning comes with benefits and shows that the teams works well together. Whether it was less little mistakes, or more team energy, college teams do not make the big mistakes high school students make in order to get better. It sounds weird, but all coaches say that mistakes are good. Players learn from the big mistakes that they do because of the fear of doing it again. All players want to be better in order to play on a college team. Once they do finally make it to college, then they will finally now switch from making the big mistakes they were always told to make, to focusing more on having the muscle memory to be the best. In High School, it is not as much as winning, but getting better. In College, it’s all about winning the game, as well as of course playing the game for the thrill of playing the game.

Another big difference between the two is the amount of intentional effort they need to take in order to do the right actions at the right time. For example: a common thing a volleyball player does every game is transition from passing to getting ready to approach for a hit. A college player has this down as basically instinct while High School girls go to practice to continue making it their own instinct.

High School volleyball compared to college volleyball can almost be considered underwhelming. This isn’t to insult high school volleyball, is it just the fact of the matter. There are more actions to watch and more aspects of the game are faster in college volleyball. The main difference between the two is the speed of the game. As players progress in experience and age, they begin to get faster as they play. This meaning, it becomes more a habit instead of something they need to think about.

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