Gun Control vs. The Second Amendment

Alexis Banks, Writer

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Should teachers be allowed to carry guns for protection in school?

There are already many laws that limit who can carry a gun.  For example, there are laws stating that a person with a criminal record cannot legally gain access to a gun.  This question can also bring up several other broader questions: Will complete gun control actually take away the crime that guns bring, thus we won’t need protection in schools?  In other words—no guns means no crime. The problem with this statement is that bad people obtain guns illegally, so putting more laws and restrictions on guns will probably not stop them from illegally obtaining guns. By adding more rules or laws can make it much harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves from the bad people who already have guns. One main distinction needs to be stated here, taking guns away from law-abiding citizens goes against the Second Amendment which states, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The current laws on the books concerning gun control are sufficient to make people safe in our society already. The laws just need to be more thoroughly enforced.

This seems to point toward of one side being right and the other being wrong. It appears that those who want more gun control laws are either one of two positions: one position seems to be that they want guns to be completely abolished in order to create what seems to be a “Utopian World” in which they believe in, that they want more and more restrictions on who can and who cannot obtain a gun. Those who want more restrictions on who exactly can and cannot have a gun are content with law-abiding citizens owning a gun; however they are very much against certain groups of people owning a gun.  For example, they are against a mental patient ever having possession of a gun, which most people on both sides of the argument clearly agree upon. This is due to the fact that the mental patient not owning a gun is for their safety, and for the safety of others as well. Those who want guns to be abolished live in a dream of the perfect world where there is no harm and no bad people to mess it up. This is simply not the case because we are human. Humans have and will make bad decisions that can threaten the lives of others. This is where the Second Amendment gives the rights for people to own guns, for defense of themselves and for their children.

The right for a teacher to carry a gun is for their protection, and the students’ protection from those who decide to put the teacher and their students in danger. Citizens must have the rights of the second amendment to protect themselves. This world will always need laws put in place to create the best functioning society for law-abiding citizens from the bad people that will always be there. Laws do not create chaos, people do.

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