A Classic Car

Sarah Gaspar, Contributor

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The Ford Mustang was the iconic pony car. It was the first of its kind and began a decades-long car race. Still today there is a strong sense of competition between Ford, Chevy, and Dodge to see who can make the fastest, most efficient, and hottest car on the lot. Over the years, Automotive Designers have given leeway in safety protocols to one up the competition. In 1964, the first Ford Mustang was released to the public with a V8 engine and the newest features from the 1965 line because of its release having been in the last stretch of 1964, including the options of hardtop or convertible. The Mustang had been the new thing everyone wanted to get their hands on.

Not long after, Ford began manufacturing different versions – including the Shelby in 1965 with the fastback style that became more appealing to the populous. As time went on, the Mustang continued to surpass its competition. In 1966, it passed the best selling at the time: the Chevy Impala in a 2:1 ratio. That year, Ford introduced the Mustang to other countries; making a right-hand-drive Mustang available.

The second generation Ford Mustang began its climb in 1974, this model just passing after the 1973 oil crisis. Ford began implementing new features to up the Mustang’s popularity including vinyl roofing in 1974, and a catalytic converter in 1975. After 1975, Ford took a break on the Mustang Model in exchange for the Cobra Model, which followed closely with the Pontiac Trans-Am Style. This trend filled most of the third generation Mustang Models.

The Fourth Generation of Mustangs were more of a family car. They were smaller and used less metal, foregoing the extra security for pleasure. This generation’s top model was the Ford Mustang SVT Cobra. Holding top selling til 2003 when this generation concluded.

The Fifth Generation is well know as the beginning to modern day muscle cars. The Mustang GT is still to this day one of the most popular of the Mustang Line. This generation lasted 10 years making it the longest generation to date. Over the years many features that made the Mustang what it is were left out in favor to new pop cultures. Soon, long-loving Ford followers think it is unthinkable, but others believe this is a change for the better.

The newest generation released a 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt. It has been classified as Iconic to the original design which many fans have loved. It has the cleanest features seen yet, and still has the classic interior. This car is selling for $46,500 on lot today, making it worth $44,200 more than the original Ford Mustang. From beginning to end the Mustang has held a special place in Ford Industries, and will continue forever.








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