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Palestinian Israeli Conflict- Bloodshed in Gaza

Recently, President Donald Trump decided to open the United States embassy in Jerusalem, making Jerusalem the official capital of Israel. This decision has caused a huge uproar between Israel and the parts of Israel occupied by Palestinians.

In Gaza, there has been a series of violent protests by the Palestinians. In an effort to stop them, “Israeli troops killed at least 58 Palestinians along the Gaza border on Monday, health ministry officials said, as demonstrators streamed to the frontier as the United States opens its embassy in Jerusalem” (TRTWORLD).

The capital of Israel used to be Tel Aviv, because of the issues that come along with changing it to Jerusalem. In Israelis hearts, Jerusalem has always been the capital but now it is official. This switch has sparked more conflicts between Israel and Palestine, since the Palestinians want Jerusalem. Jerusalem has been known as a kind of “demilitarized zone” where it is part of the state of Israel as well as the parts of Israel known as Palestine, more specifically, the West Bank.

The protests, which are taking place on the boarder of the Gaza Strip, are being ran by the terrorist group known as Hamas. They are extremely violent, even though the Hamas leaders claim this is a non-violent protest. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, disagrees that these are “non-violent protests and believe that the actions of the Israeli Defense Force are completely necessary.

The deaths that have occurred during the days of protests were mainly Hamas leaders and the IDF is only aiming for people associated with the terrorist group. “Deadly protests at the Israel-Gaza border have waned over the past two days because Egypt has pressured Hamas to stop stoking the violent demonstrations, Israel said Monday” (Fox News). The intervention of outside sources seem to just be making the situation worse but the violence is starting to die down. Hamas will be stopping its fuel fire along the border, which indicates this might soon come to an end.

Along with the protests along the Gaza Strip, there also has been violence in Jerusalem. It started when metal detectors were set up in the Dome of the Rock, the holy place of Muslims. Palestinians became extremely offended by this and it ended with six people dead, including a teenager who was just walking down the street and got shot.

This conflict is not new and has been going on for years and years so it is almost “normal” for Israelis. The main reason is because the Palestinians want Israel, as well as declaring it as an Islamic state. They currently occupy the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, but they are not an official state. The Palestinians believe that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine and that it should be all Islamic. Jerusalem contains sacred historical sites for all religions and if it was the capital of Palestine, people would not be allowed to visit the sites. Declaring Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel protected all the sacred sites, including the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and the room where Jesus had his last meal.

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