Franklin V.S ASU Prep Football Game

Taylor VanDuyn, Contributor

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The Hawaiian student section was shaking their coconuts and grass skirts while they cheered on their Chargers, motivating them to bring home  another win. After last week’s big win, ending with a score of 61-6 against Santa Rita, the Franklin Chargers took another win under their belt against ASU Prep, making their record 3-1.

Starting off small, the running back, Zach Jeffries, had a 7-yard run towards the end zone for the first touch down of the game. Then Zach Jeffries ran 41 yards, on the outskirts of the right side of the field, dodging the opponents, until they eventually caught up and ran him off the field. Sean Crandall finished for the touchdown by running 1 yard, making the score 14-0.

The quarterback, Chase Adams, broke through the center, for a 31 yard gain. Then, Chandler Miles stepped in to finish off the remaining 15 yards for another touchdown.

Wide receiver, Seth Hamblin, caught an interception, and returned it for a 40-yard run, resulting in a score of 34-0.

Zach Jeffries ran a short 3 yards for another touchdown. Then, to finish off the game, a 91-yard kickoff was returned by #5 Chandler Miles for a touchdown, making the final score 63-0.

The top three defensive players of the night were #87 Seth Hamblin, #21 Cade McAfee, and #5 Chandler Miles. The top three offensive players were #18 Chase Adams, #24 Zach Jeffries, and #5 Chandler Miles. The Franklin Chargers had an amazing game, and ended the game with a total of 331 yards,and zero turnovers, fumbles, or interceptions.


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Franklin V.S ASU Prep Football Game