Casey White escapes from jail

Kayla Winters, contributor

On Friday April 29, Casey White escaped from jail awaiting trial from 2015 after attempting to murder his ex-girlfriend. In 2010 he pleaded guilty for domestic assault. In 2015 “Then in 2015, in a jealous rage over an ex-girlfriend, he rushed into her house armed with two handguns, according to court documents.” “The victim was able to dash past him and out the back door,” according to a warrant related to the December 2015 home invasion.” “He ordered the roommates onto the floor at gunpoint, then turned his anger toward the ex-girlfriend.” “He told investigators he shot at her as she ran but missed.” “The ex escaped through the back door and the roommates climbed out the bathroom window and ran to a neighbor’s house. ( They also found two children hiding in the basement. 

Two months earlier that year he also killed Connie Ridgeway in her home. 


On friday around 9am Vicky White a Former police officer helped Casey White escape, “Surveillance cameras inside capture Vicky White opening a steel door and, without looking back, holding it for Casey White, who slips out with his head down, dodging it as it swings closed. The two vanish through what looks like an exterior door with a car parked outside.”


After being arrested “He stated that he wanted to kill her and have the police kill him,” a police report from December of that year concludes. “His only regret was that neither was successful. He stated that if he was released he would kill the victim.”


I am sorry but WHAT!!! 


Knowing this Vicky White still helped him to escape! Vicky told the assistant director “that she was taking Casey White, a convicted felon facing pending murder charges, to the county courthouse for a mental health evaluation. She also said she felt ill and would go to see a doctor afterward, buying more time. Neither claim turned out to be real, according to investigators.” I still can not believe that she had all this information of who he is and she still helped him escape! 


On April 29 Vicky White filed for early retirement. Her reasoning: “personal issue” Wednesday May 4th her request is still pending!  


On Tuesday May 3 “The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office announced that investigators had confirmed a “special relationship” between Vicky White and Casey White after receiving tips from other inmates. “That relationship has now been confirmed through our investigation by independent sources and means,” authorities said.” You know what, this actually explains a lot! Why would she help him? knowing everything he did. Well that is why! 


A warrant from both of their arrests has been sent out. The authorities are also offering $5,000 for Vicky White and $10,000 for Casey White! 


Police say that it won’t be easy to find them! She won’t be easy to find, now that she is helping him he won’t be either! The police also say that they are both very dangers and they can be traveling with many handguns along with an AR-15 rifle. These people are not to be taken lightly and to be extremely careful!