Orchestra Senior Concert

Sierra Seay, Contributer

On Wednesday, May 4, BFHS Orchestra held a senior recital for senior Craig Dawson. Craig has had quite an eventful and successful senior year, and this concert gave him the opportunity to showcase his musical talents he has worked so hard to perfect. The concert began with a selection by the Benjamin Franklin Quartet, and the piece(s) they performed were mostly from Mozart. Then Craig began his one-man performance in which he got to use multiple different instruments depending on the song to accurately and really demonstrate all of his musical talents. In the first segment of his concert, he performed Serenade by Franz Schubert, In Dreams by Fran Walsh and Howard Shore, Ave Maria by Franz Schubert, Ave Maria by Johann Bach and Charles Gounod, and All of Me by Jon Schmidt. Craig then, in the second segment of his concert, got more creative and branched out to other instruments more, performing the following pieces: Yesterday by the Beatles, Allegro Appassionato by Camille Saint-Saens, Celloopa by Steven Sharp Nelson and Al Van Der Beek, A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief by James Montgomery and arranged by Marshall McDonald and Steven Sharp Nelson. Craig chose to end this concert celebrating his accomplishments with Julio by Mark Summer. 

The purpose of this concert was not only to allow Craig to showcase his talents but also to help him celebrate his senior year and all he has accomplished and achieved in his time at Benjamin Franklin High School. Craig is an exemplary student and has worked hard in his studies in his time at BFHS along with the constant effort he has put and continues to put forth towards improving and expanding his musical talents. His efforts show in the fact that at this school years (2021-2022) Semper Sursum banquet last Wednesday, April 27, he won the award for Charger Way Male and Fine Arts Male for the senior class. He is also a prominent member of the East Valley Youth Symphony, which many other BFHS students are also a part of. After he graduates, Craig plans on attending Arizona State University to study engineering, and he also expressed a desire to continue music. A little information about Arizona State University: it is, according to the U.S. News and World Report, number one in the United States for innovation, ahead of MIT and Stanford. According to the same source, ASU is also in the top ten for the U.S. among universities for undergraduate teaching. According to Times Higher Education, ASU is number one in the U.S. and number two in the world for global impact in research, outreach, and stewardship. It has multiple campuses across the United States including Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, downtown Phoenix, Lake Havasu City, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. ASU has an amazing engineering program and its music program is equally as excellent, so Craig has a bright future ahead of him as he inches closer towards graduating and heading off to college at ASU.