What the Florida!? – Week of April 18-24


Oliver Jamias, Contributor


Man Captures Over 100 Invasive Lizards

Sid Pennington, a 60 year-old man living out his retirement, decided that the best thing for him to do was to spend all of his free time catching a type of lizard not native to Florida known as tegu lizards. Tegus originate from South America, and through exotic pet trade, have made their way to Florida, where they feed on the eggs of endangered reptiles such as alligators and turtles. Because of the danger they pose to the native environment, tegus have become a focus of wildlife committees in an attempt to lower their population and protect native species. Pennington is one such example of Florida residents attempting to get rid of the invasive lizards. He started off doing this on his own out of boredom, but his talents were eventually recognized by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which recruited him as a volunteer and gave him extra traps as a result. Pennington has managed to capture over 117 of the invasive reptiles, and he attributes this success to having experience handling lizards as a child.

Man Watches Spider-Man 292 Times

Ramiro Alanis recently set the world record for “most cinema productions attended of the same film.” To achieve this, he watched Spider-Man: No Way Home 292 times, with no bathroom breaks at all. From a period lasting from the film’s release in December to March, Alanis watched it 5 times a day with no interruptions, which included things like checking his phone, napping, or using the bathroom. Alanis held the previous record by doing something similar for Avengers: Endgame in 2019. He attempted to watch the film 191 times, but 11 tries were disqualified due to bathroom breaks. However, due to Spider-Man being a shorter film, and his experiencing in binging Endgame, Alanis learned how to better wait for bathroom breaks in between movies. About $3400 was in tickets, and he stated that he even memorized the movie after the first few showings. Alanis dedicated this record to his Grandma Juany, who passed away before his record set in 2019 was officially recognized.

Man Kills Donkey He was Hired to Capture

Philip Alan Hayes, a livestock contractor, was arrested following his killing of a donkey he was explicitly told to capture alive. The incident began when local law enforcement began to receive reports of a donkey that escaped from its containment. The neighbors attempted to capture it themselves, but were unsuccessful. This was where Hayes was asked to help. According to local witnesses, Hayes refused any help that was offered, including being given a bucket of grain in order to possibly lure the donkey. When asked what his plan to capture it was, Hayes simply gestured to the rifle in his possession. Hayes then shot the donkey once in the shoulder, before finishing it off with another shot while it lay wounded on the ground. This scene left eyewitnesses scared and traumatized. Hayes explained his actions by saying that he felt that the donkey was abandoned, and was brought to a jail before being released at a later time.