Paige Beuckers can’t be stopped, even by an injury


Jamie Hamilton, Contributor

Last year, the crowd was in shock as UConn’s Paige Bueckers dropped down to the floor in the middle of a heated game. With her left knee buckled, she collapsed to the ground. As the last minute timer rang, all eyes were on Buecker as she laid down in pain. This bad of an injury was bound to keep her out of the court. 

While pain ran high within her, both physically and mentally, she tried her best to keep her spirits high. “I was just trying to make sense out of it, trying to find the positives, the lights in it,” Bueckers said. Bueckers made sure to credit her teammates and coaches when talking about her recovery. Saying, “My teammates, my coaches did a really good job of helping me out. It’s easy to isolate yourself and get down…but they kept my spirits high.”

Having a positive attitude and a helpful support system had made Bueckers’ recovery that much lighter. Bueckers was taken to surgery on December 13th of last year in order to aid her hurt knee. And now—only a few months later, Beuckers is back in the game.

Her confidence and determination has shone through ever since she began playing basketball. One of Beuckers’ former coaches said that, “as a seventh grader she was [smaller than the other kids], only this time, she was dominating the junior varsity team.” Her amazing ability to play had gathered her a lot of deserved attention, with Beuckers being one of the “most recognizable names in women’s college basketball” (according to CBS).






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