D.C. Trip

Over spring break our Charged harmonies, chamber orchestra, and wind ensembles all went to Washington D.C. Everyone left around 2am. Everyone went to so many different memorials over the trip. These memorials included Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Jefferson and so many more. Chamber orchestra was supposed to play in front of the Lincoln Memorial but sadly it started to rain and they could not bring their instruments out into the rain but thank goodness for their amazing teacher Mrs. Petty, and I quote, “she has connections and got us to play at the president church.”-Kylee Merrell chamber orchestra did so many fun things they got to go to Ben’s chili bowl! Which was a very famous restaurant! The Chamber orchestra went to see Elizabeth Ann Church. 

Charged Harmonies did many of the same things as chamber orchestra. But with that being said they did a few other things like go to space and air, US history, and the unknown soldier. Charged Harmonies even got to see the white house along with the original declaration of independence and so much more. One night they had dinner on a cruise ship! “It was so much fun!”- Brielle Cotter After everyone finished dinner they went up to the top deck and had a dance party. “They even had a guy leading some of the dances!”- Brielle Cotter Overall it sounded like a fun night! Something fun that happened was that someone snuck out past the curfew and got into a lot of trouble and was oh most sent back home on a plane. But thankfully they got to stay and enjoy the rest of the trip! 

They would get home past 10 and have to be up at 6 the next day! I am sorry but that yucky! No one wants to wake up that early! Unless you are a morning person! But that very few people! They had Panera every morning! They had even saw many street performers! Everyone who I talked to said they were very pretty and fun to watch! While everyone was there they got to see the cherry blossoms! Which i kept being told it was so pretty and there one favorite part of trip! So many friendships were made in one trip!


I asked two people what their favorite memories from the trip was, 

“My favorite memory was going to all the memorials! My favorite one was Gettysburg! Over all it was a fun trip and an amazing experience!” -Kylee Merrell

“It was incredible to see all of the history of our county! My favorite memory was going to all of the historical places like the Lincoln memorial!” -Brielle cotter