Batman Movie review


Londyn Lockwood, Contributor

Batman was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It is now in my top 5 movies at the moment. Robert Pattinson was hands down the best actor to play Batman. Christain Bale set the bar drastically high after acting in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. Making the Riddler the new villain with a good choice for the story line. The new villain had horror aspects to him like Jigsaw. More villains made an appearance during the film like penguin and the joker toward the end of the movie to hit out that robert pattinson as batman with return to theaters. This Batman was the most comic book accurate movie that has ever been made. A good example to support my theory involves the fact that at the end of the movie when the town floods and most of Arkham city is underwater. The end of the film the Riddler makes a friend who is locked up right next to him. The director hints out by the creepy and mysterious laugh that the joker is going to be in the next movie that comes out. 

Zoe Kravits plays the beloved character Catwoman and did a fantastic job. From the first scene itself, it is made clear the amount of thought, work and creativity that has gone into the making of this movie. This movie will scare you, indulge you in its mystery, excite you with its action and amaze you with its commitment to telling a truly dark and gritty tale about the corruption in Gotham. Matt Reeves has done masterful work in directing each scene. He is a point of view driven director. There are many shots in this movie where he puts you in the character’s shoes and shows the world from his point of view and how the world perceives him. As Batman enters the crime scene you are put in his POV and can see how much each and every police officer sees him as a menace and doesn’t want him to be there. This really helps establish the world and the relationship within in a very subtle way. He also has wonderfully implemented some scenes of horror and thriller which were unexpected. Robert Pattinson brings in a different take on Bruce Wayne, who is depressed and a little eccentric. A billionaire who has traveled the world to gather knowledge and is always analyzing his surroundings is bound to be an introvert and kind of a recluse and this is very well showcased by him.

The spotlight really shines on Batman, Catwoman, and Riddler. The Dark and broody presence Robert Pattinson gives as Batman is unmatched. He has a different style of Batman to Christian Bale’s Batman where he’s a bit more alive and has that playboy persona, Roberts Batman is Dark and broody and somewhat dead inside. Both are great portrayals. I haven’t seen many depictions of Catwoman but I like hers a lot. She goes with the cat-like movements Catwoman does. She adds a subtle confidence in everything she does in the movie which is great because that really resembles Selina Kyle. Now, Paul Dano’s performance was possibly my favorite. His performance showed his hauntingly, scary, horrifying even depiction of Riddler. It’s honestly unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They were going for a Zodiac killer style Riddler and they hit that mark exactly. 

Movie Rating 10/10