BFHS Cheer Nationals

Abigail Eklund, Contributor

In February of 2022, the Benjamin Franklin Cheer team headed to nationals. USA Spirit Nationals was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The Benjamin Franklin High School cheer team competed in two divisions. The first division was the All Girl Stunt team and the second was the Show Cheer team. For the All Girl Stunt team, the cheer team placed twelfth in the nation. As for the Show Cheer division, the cheer team placed eighth in the nation! Many of the contestants, including cheerleaders, pep flag teams, song leaders, and mascots, took their chance at winning the national title over this weekend. Not only did the cheer team compete for a title but they also headed over and spent their time at Disneyland. The USA Spirit Nationals has been bringing together teams from around the country since 1984. Many of the teams come from all over the United States to compete for the national title. While competing the cheer teams have said over time that this competition brings teams together as a whole. Winning the title as national champions does a lot for schools. It shows that the school exemplifies leadership and confidence. Winning the national title also looks good on the school part and it also makes the school more known. While only part of BFHS schools cheer team competed back in late February but over the schools spring break the varsity pom team competes for their own national title. The BFHS varsity pom team is a competing team hoping to make it to the national title.