What the Florida!? – March 7-13


Oliver Jamias, Contributor

Man in Porta-potty Crushed by Bulldozer

A landfill worker became the target of a tragedy after a bulldozer accidentally ran over the porta-potty he was inside. 43 year old Aaron Henderson died on March 4 while on duty at the landfill he was employed at. This occured in the afternoon, when all of the employees began to put away all of their equipment in order to prepare for the next day of work. Part of this process included using the large bulldozers at the landfill in order to lift any heavy equipment. Unfortunately, due to a blind spot caused by the bulldozer’s elevated blade, the driver was unable to notice a porta-potty in the way until he heard a loud crunch after already completely demolishing it. He then immediately checked the inside of the porta-potty, finding an unresponsive Henderson inside. Law enforcement officials shortly arrived on the scene, and promptly pronounced Henderson as dead.

Man Hides in Golf Course Pond to Escape Cops

42 year old William Ballard accidentally made police officers pursue him all the way to a golf course on March 3. The chase began when Ballard refused the deputies’ request to stop at the side of the road. This was due to him having no headlights on and driving on the wrong side of the road, but Ballard misinterpreted this as an attempt to apprehend him, so he immediately fled the scene in his truck. He then proceeded to drive away and crash through a golf course fence, abandoning the truck once it entered a pond. Ballard attempted to hide in nearby brush and trees, but the deputies already had aerial sight of him the whole time. Officers then found and arrested him, with him stating that he had thought that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that he was in possession of a suspended license, and now faces charges of fleeing an officer and criminal mischief.

Man Rescues Three Children from Burning Car

Carl Noble, a Florida grandfather, lived up to his last name after managing to rescue three children from a burning car. While waiting to pick up his granddaughter at her elementary school, Noble caught site of smoke rising from his peripheral vision. He then realized that one of the parked cars had caught on fire. According to Noble, instinct then told him to start running towards it, as if he could almost sense that someone was inside. The smoke inside the car blocked Noble from looking inside, and the one of the doors was locked, so he asked out loud if anybody inside could hear him. He then saw the hand of a small child on the window, prompting him to rush to the other side of the car, where fortunately the door was unlocked. As he helped the boy out, he noticed a second boy and carried him out as well. There was a third child, a girl, and Noble noticed that she was having troubling escaping, so he went inside to carry her. As soon as he picked up the girl, the car exploded twice, knocking Noble over. However, he had managed to get all three children out without them sustaining injuries, and he himself survived only with an eye and right arm injuries.