What the Florida!? Week of February 21-27


Oliver Jamias, Contributor

Man Arrested After Throwing Cookies

24 year-old Alan Ganesh was arrested while under the influence for having unruly behavior in a gas station. He first walked up to the clerk in the station and sat on the counter, before being told to go down. Ganesh then proceeded to lay on the floor, prompting the workers inside to make him get up as the floor needed to be cleaned as well. This triggered an outburst from Ganesh, with him taking several cookies and drinks from inside the store and throwing them all over the establishment. He then exited without elaborating further to lay on the sidewalk outside. Police were called to deal with the man, and he was found passed out next to his motorcycle. The officers smelled alcohol from his breath, and he also failed to pass the sobriety test administered to him. According to Ganesh, aside from alcohol, he had also taken schizophrenia medication. He was arrested and is to be charged with driving under the influence.

Man Arrested For Aiming Laser Pointer At Helicopter

20 year-old Christopher Kastroll was arrested for shining a laser pointer directly at the window of a police helicopter. The local sheriff’s office reported to police that someone kept shining a laser pointer directly at the helicopter during its flight. Officers were then dispatched to the location that the laser pointer was supposed to be coming from. There they found Kastroll on his balcony with a laser pointer in his hand. According to the man, he did not know that it was a felony to use a laser pointer on a police helicopter. Police then confiscated the pointer and brought Kastroll to the local county jail. He is to be charged of misuse of a laser lighting device.

Runaway Felon Found Asleep In Mcdonald’s Drive Thru

A 35-year-old man, Luis Salinas, had a warrant for his arrest after committing sexual battery against a child. He was next found passed out in a Mcdonald’s drive thru in his car from too much alcohol. Salinas continued to slumber soundly despite blocking traffic and having all the other patrons yell at him to wake up and move. He only waked up once deputies arrived to confront him, and he woke up ready to fight them off. However, they proved to be too much for him, as only one officer was slightly injured before the rest managed to arrest and take Salinas into custody. It was then found that his blood contained large amounts of alcohol. In addition to the charge of sexual battery against a child, Salinas is to be additionally charged with driving under the influence, battery against a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, and driving with a suspended license.