Should Meme Review be Brought Back


Mollie Van Wagner, Contributor

GMF, Good Morning Franklin, needs to bring back meme review Monday’s! Monday’s are tough enough as it is, and then the meme review gets canceled. The only part of Mondays that most of us look forward to, gone. Meme review Mondays added a fun, little excitement to the day. Everybody got hyped when RetroFuture Clean by Kevin MacLeod started playing and Nic Rendon (Senior) and Mason Grant ( Junior) appeared on screen. Unfortunately, the meme review was discontinued. Gunnar Strom, the editor, states, “Meme review has been discontinued because the student body was not receptive toward the memes we were reviewing and the pressure and stress of adding the project outweighed the benefits it brought. Mason Grant also had left STUGO.” Would STUGO be open to bringing back meme reviews? “Yes, if suitable  memes and actors, as in a replacement for Mason, were found,”  stated Gunnar. Meme review needs to be brought back. Students should turn in memes that they want to see.

Because Mason left, someone needs to step up and take his palace, but who? We asked a few students and faculty and some of the names brought up were Logan Sargent, Jacob Shrader, and Talmage Tew. Miss Dresell, the teacher of STUGO, commented that, “Meme review is a tough segment and that they may be able to bring it back about once a month.” Personally, I think this is a fair compromise. Memes are hard to find that are school appropriate and that are truly funny. I feel once a month would suffice. It is better than no meme review. Bring back meme review!