MLB Lockout

Dante Turgeon, Contributor

The report dates for pitchers and catchers in the MLB have already passed. The original report date is early February in order to start Spring Training by the beginning of March. Now, since the MLB Lockout is still in effect, the starting date for Spring Training games will have to be pushed back. The whole reason for the lockout is because the minor league players are demanding more pay from the owners. Since minor league players only get paid league minimum ($290-$700), they want an increase in salary for all players. In order to persuade the owners of MLB to increase wages, the minor league players refuse to play. Although this does not directly affect the Big League players, it still causes a delay of their season. “An on-time start to the regular season is further jeopardized each day. Manfred said last week MLB estimates needing four weeks for spring training once a new labor deal is reached.” According to this quote said by Rob Manfred to the press, he plans to discuss with the player’s association and come to a deal with wages. Hopefully Manfred is able to hold his words true and get the start date of the regular season back on track. It is difficult to believe though, since the lockout has been going on since December 1st and there has been little to no progress on settling this dispute. This leaves many baseball fans worried that there will be a delay of the regular season, and that is the last thing that they want. Since there was already a delay and shortening of the season in 2020, another shortened season would be devastating.