Varsity Girl’s Soccer

Michelle Castro, Contributor

With winter seasons coming to an end, it is time to look back at how each sport did. One sport team that stood out this year was the Varsity Girls Soccer team. The girls had a great line up with there being 16 girls total on the team, 8 of them being seniors and 5 of them being freshmen. The 8 seniors have been playing the sport for a while and have all worked hard to make the team what it is now. Many of the freshmen added a lot to the team, with most of them starting and scoring a lot for the team. The girls also came out with a JV team, which is new for girls soccer. The girls were very successful this season with having many talented players as well as great team chemistry that helped the team in their season. They finished their regular season undefeated with a record of 12 – 0. They got first place in the play-offs and hosted their first two play off games. They ended up winning both, the first score being 6-0 and the second being 3 – 0. With these wins they made it to semifinals and played Sabino at Glendale high School. They unfortunately lost in a battle with the score being 5 – 0.  Despite this unfortunate ending, the girls made it very far, and even farther than any previous girls teams in the past have at this school. With this successful season, we are excited to see how the girls do next year and await a championship soon.