Dying Light 2


Lexi, Ariete

Seven years after the release of the first game in the Dying Light franchise, the sequel to the game, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, came out on February 4, 2022, after the delay of the initial release in  December 2021. Dying Light was a fan favorite, so the sequel was something that they were waiting for. The game was developed by Techland, on all platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. 

Dying Light is a zombie horror game that had players run missions as the main character, Kyle Crane, trying to prevent the remaining survivors in an abandoned city from being bombed by an organization known as the G.R.E. In the DLC that came out a year after the first game, on February 9, 2016, the main character was killed off, meaning that he was not present in the newest release of the game. In Dying Light 2: Stay Human, the main character, Aiden Caldwell, has a conversation with another character, where the name, Kyle Crane, was brought up, which put a subtle smile on fans that played the first game. 

The game with the main missions, along with the side missions, takes about 500 hours to complete, providing the players with missions to fulfill their desires of the game. The combination of having to fight bandits, as well as zombies and creatures alike, keeps the players on edge while trying to complete the missions. With the addition of choice-based actions, it creates a more luring storyline. The first Dying Light game will always have a special place for fans of the first game. With the choice-based gameplay, it creates the pull of whether or not the player will have characters survive or die, just by a simple choice. The newest game lived up to expectations. 

The Audience rating for the newest game may be the lowest out of the three, with a rating of 4.1 stars. (The first Dying Light having the score of 4.7 stars and the DLC, Dying Light: The Following, with 4.8 stars). Fans enjoy the game, with most reviews giving the game the scores of  7.5/10-8/10, with the only problem of people mentioning the time it takes to fully complete the game (about 20 days, without pauses). Dying Light 2 includes parkour that many fans enjoy, since it offers a more passive approach for players to take, rather than rushing through hordes of zombies which was commonly seen in the first game. It was an interesting approach for the developers to incorporate more missions involving people, rather than most of it being zombies. It shows the 15-year gap between the first game and the second game, where survivors were able to establish more safe zones. The concept of taking over safe zones and expanding establishments for the player to keep supplies and time-skipping was another nice addition for those who want to save supplies from looting and accept more side quests.

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