Ghostbusters: Afterlife Movie Review


Abigail Eklund, Contributor

The new hit movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a new movie to the ghostbuster series. Now adding onto the movies this is the fourth movie to come out. The original ghostbusters movie is called Ghostbusters and it was made in 1984. Soon after the first movie was released the second movie Ghostbuster 2 was released in 1989. After the first two movies came out they were a big hit to the movie industry but they waited until 2016 to make a new movie. The third Ghostbusters movie was a remake with a new plot that had a cast of famous actors and actresses. Now last year in 2021 they made a new ghostbuster movie that is called Ghostbusters: Afterlife. The fourth movie was supposed to be released in July of 2020 but due to covid it was delayed four times and then it was finally released to the United States on November 19, 2021.

The plot of the new movie is a plot that we haven’t seen yet in the ghostbuster series. Not only did the new movie create a new way of looking at the movies but it also brought more people known to the movies because of the actors they chose for this movie. One of the new actors to the movies is Finn Wolfhard. Finn Wolfhard played the character of Trevor. While this movie is doing very well the thing that Finn Wolfhard is mainly known for is the tv show Stranger Things. Some more well known actors in this movie are Paul Rudd and Mckenna Grace. During this movie if you have watched the original Ghostbuster movies you can tell that during the trailer of Ghostbuster: Afterlife there are a lot of easter eggs that are shown during the movie that you wouldn’t have caught unless you saw the trailer and then watched the movie. Many people who are fans of the ghostbuster series compared the original two movies to the new movie. While the movie quality from 1984 isn’t as good as what we have now, the CGI and the action shots during this movie was amazing. In the beginning of the movie a lot of the characters weren’t as good as the end of the movie because a lot of the characters during the movie went through character growth and it portrayed how the movie was going to end up. When the movie started you didn’t know too much because the trailer didn’t give much information to the movie but when a mom of two kids moved to a new town they discovered something left behind from the original ghostbusters. During this part of the movie you can really notice that the director did a good job at connecting the past movies to this new movie. 

Soon after watching the movie many people were wondering if there was going to be a new ghostbuster movie in the future but it wasn’t announced that there was going to be another one. After being in the box office for two months the movie has made over 128.8 million dollars. Overall this movie has been a great success.