V. Girls Soccer Vs Odyssey


Kayla Winters, contributor

Our varsity girls still remain undefeated; they played Odyssey ! After 10 games our girls are unstoppable. The opposing team’s goalie would whip out her own teammates just to try to stop our girl from scoring. Their goalie hurt her own teammates at least 3 or 4. Our very own Megan Carlron went over to one of the girls who was knocked down but her own goalie told Megan to go away and she was fine. Another time our girls were doing fantastic with everything they went through, with the goalie attacking her own players just to get the ball and kick it down the field. Our girls also dealt with the other teams parents saying hurtful comments to our player, because the reefs would pick and choose when they called a fawall and when they would not. These parents were downgrading our girls. But our girls ignored everything they were saying and still pulled out the win right from under their feet. The few times the reefs did call something it would “help” our girls and Odyssey’s girls were super mad about their parents and their team would rip into our girls all the time. Everyone was making comments to our girls saying “no wonder they are number one, they use fouls to their own advantage.” Which was very far from the truth. Our girls were not the ones taking out our own player just to get the ball and stop us from scoring. After a long and hard game our girls stole the win with the score 2-0.