The Town of Queen Creek Launches a New Police Force


Reagan Farnsworth, Contributor

The law enforcement world has been facing a crisis. Over the past two years the anti-police movement has grown considerably, due to the widespread ideology that police officers have been racially motivated to kill people of color. This movement launched “Defund the Police” following the death of George Floyd in May of 2020. Because of this and the Covid-19 Pandemic, Police Forces are navigating their way through officer shortages. Rick McCrabb from Journal-News reported, “According to a recent survey from the National Police Foundation, 86% of departments reported a staffing shortage.” There are many dangers of officer shortages, including in the increased time of response to calls. 

At  midnight on January 11, 2022, The Queen Creek Police Department was officially launched. For the past three decades the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has covered the Town of Queen Creek. Despite the current issues in law enforcement, the town has been working for almost two years to be able to have a near full staff for the Queen Creek Police force. According to 12 News there are 64 sworn officers including nine sergeants and three lieutenants. The new police department was excited to launch because of the opportunity to set the standard for the rest of the state. To combat the stigma around law enforcement, the Police Chief Randy Brice said he and his department were committed to extensive training to ensure they fulfill their oath to serve and protect to the their fullest ability.