Charger Basketball

Michelle Castro, Contributor

This Week’s Basketball Games

With Basketball season starting off last week, there have been many games played by both teams. After processing both teams’ tragic losses against Coolidge last week, this week both the boys and girls were scheduled to play three freedom games this week. Santan Foothills, which was home, on Tuesday, Fountain Hills, which was away, on Wednesday and Odyssey which was away,  on friday. All boys’ teams as well as the girls took home a dub on Tuesday making it a clean sweep with the top players of both teams being Dannica Zambrano for the girls, and Sterling Rice, Ethan Evangelista, and Gage Blair for the boys. The girl’s game was a close one up until the end with it being a tie game for the majority of 4th quarter, but they ultimately pulled through with the win after Jacey Blair’s two point bucket in the last ten seconds. The boys then proceeded to completely dominate Santan Foothills, which overall made this night great for all the basketball players. The teams were unfortunately defeated in their next games at Fountain Hills however. Both games were close games, but the players could not pull through. 

With these games setting the tone for the week, there is a lot to expect in the Friday away game. We know Odyssey is a tough opponent for both teams and we can only hope for the teams to do well and ultimately come out with the dubs.