Charger Wrestling

Dante Turgeon, Contributor

BFHS Wrestling

Dante Turgeon


The Benjamin Franklin Chargers wrestling team is looking pretty solid this year. The 2021 Varsity team will compete in the Section III Multi Event to start off the season. This event is held at Chandler Prep High School. The 2022 varsity seniors include: Jorge Ochoa, Manny Lopez, Alyssa Marsh, Tylee Payne, Riley Adams, and Saige Cooley. 

First year wrestler Manny Lopez states, “Coach rides us pretty hard, but he is only making us better. This is only my first year wrestling, but I am already having a blast getting to hang out with my friends and go to meets.”

Riley Adams, a four year returner, said, “There are lots of people new to wrestling this year, but they are catching on quickly and are getting up to the same level as the returners.”


Along with high school wrestling, junior high wrestling is also in season. This team is looking very good this year as well. Eight grader Maxx Kane gave some words of encouragement for those wondering of joining the wrestling team in the future.

“There is lots of cardio, but cardio is good in order to stay in shape and build endurance. Wrestling is 90% mindset and 10% physical. You have to be mentally tough. If you know how to attack your opponent then you won’t need as much force to take them down.”


Overall the 2021-2022 wrestling team is in good shape to make a name for themselves. It is exciting to see junior high wrestlers and what the future holds for the program at BFHS.