RIP Popeye’s

RIP Popeyes

Michelle Castro, Contributor

Popeye’s closed temporarily

  Due to a tragic incident, everyone’s favorite fried chicken restaurant is temporarily closed. The Popeyes on Ellsworth and Ocotillo has shut down. This was all caused by an internal fire that started Saturday night around 10:15 to 10:30 pm on November 27th. The people of Queen Creek were in shock as nothing of this sort had happened in a long time. Many people are now patiently awaiting more news and for the establishment’s re-opening.

Thankfully no employees nor customers were actually caught up in the fire. The incident itself was not that big, but it will cause the restaurant to shut down for a few days. There are not very many sources or evidence as to how this small fire really was caused, but many for the most part believe it really was a problem with the fryer in a way. The employees were simply doing their work when they noticed heavy smoke in the building. They then decided to evacuate and called authorities to come offer aid. Many believed this to be a bigger incident than it was, so a lot of reinforcement came. Seeing that it was not as big of a fire that they expected, the firefighters successfully put out the fire and no harm was caused to any individual. With the fire being put out, investigators arrived and are still looking into the cause of this fire. 

This small incident came as a surprise to many people. One day Popeye’s is there, the next it’s burned down and temporarily closed. With no particular outside damage, the repairs should not take long and the establishment will be up and running soon and everyone can enjoy some good biscuits and chicken soon.

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