Bfhs December Blood Drive

Abigail Eklund, Contributor

On December 2, 2021 Benjamin Franklin High school hosted a school blood drive. Every couple of months the school hosts a blood drive. When you donate blood it saves a life that is what the company Vitalant Blood Drive does. They go to schools and colleges and they take blood and donate it to certain causes or hospitals. Not only do they take your blood and give it but before they do they test it to make sure it’s the right type of blood. They also take components of things out of the blood. They take out red blood cells, and plasma to give to patients in need of those specific types. When you give blood you can only give one pint every three months. There are many benefits to giving blood. Some of these benefits are that they can reveal any health problems you didn’t know about. It also can help your liver stay at a healthy balance. Blood drives can also reduce harmful iron stores. One donation of blood can help save three lives. While you can only donate blood every three months blood can go bad as fast as 56 days. In order to give blood you have to be sixteen or older. In very rare cases certain blood types can heal blood diseases. 

All over the world people are giving blood right now and everyday about 360,000 pints of blood are used all around the world. While only certain people are willing to give blood every couple of months, the US and Canada have donated about 46,000 pints of blood daily. The average blood transfusion takes 3 pints of blood that’s why it’s important to donate blood because it can help to save someone else’s life. Almost all of donated blood gets used; only about 10 percent of blood goes used. When someone gets a medical surgery the average surgery takes two to four pints of blood. The plasma and red blood cells in the blood are very useful to patients in need. After your blood is taken and tested it gets sent out to areas near you to hospitals and medical centers. Benjamin Franklin High School does many blood drives a school year as well as other schools. When a school does a blood drive it increases the amount of blood hospitals get every month. The average hospital uses 31,000 pints of blood a day. They aren’t only using just the blood they are taking the red blood cells as well as the plasma. The human body holds about 10 pints of blood taking up eight percent of the human body weight. You need more than fifty percent of the blood in your body but if you lose forty percent of the blood in your body you will most likely die or need immediate medical attention. The average human daily produces 400 to 2,000 milliliters of blood a day. While many people don’t like needles, giving blood every once and a while can save many lives daily. Even though the idea of giving blood is strange or sometimes scary it benefits many lives.