Benjamin Franklin VS Yuma Catholic soccer game

Ericson Foote, Contributor

November 23rd 2021 was Benjamin Franklin’s first high school soccer game for our junior varsity boys, varsity girls, and varsity boys. The drive to Yuma catholic high school was 3 hours long. It was such a long drive. The J.V. boys played first at 2:00 and they ended up losing 6 to 1 but Coleson Bowen (9th grade) scored a goal. They all played pretty well but there is room for improvement. The Varsity girls played next and crushed the Yuma catholic Shamrocks 6 to 0 on their field. Delin Peterson (9th grade) scored multiple goals. And Rachel Grecksa (9th grade) scored once but her point was taken away because of a bad call of “Offsides”. The last game was the Varsity game. It was such a close and intense game. In the first half the Shamrocks scored on us. We were feeling a little down after but we just had to play hard. Jason Allen (12th grade) got fouled in the box but the refs didn’t call a penalty which means he wasn’t able to shoot a penalty kick. In the second half Jason Allen got fouled just past the middle of the field and got to shoot a free kick so he took his shot towards the goal and made it so we tied it up. After that half we went into extra time and they got a couple shots on us and we got a couple shots on them but none of them went in the goal. I can’t wait for the rest of the season to see how we play.