What the Florida!?- Week of November 29- December 5


Oliver Jamias, Contributor

Man Admits to Smuggling Turtles and Venomous Snakes

Ashtyn Michael Rance, a Miami resident, admitted to officials for shipping exotic wildlife illegally over the course of several months. When offered $3300 to ship 3 eastern box turtles and 16 spotted turtles across states, he accepted, mislabelling the turtles as “live tropical fish” in order to remove any suspicion. Allegedly, these turtles were on their way to be mailed to China. Months later, also on route to China was a package of 15 Gaboon vipers, which are also known to be venomous. This time, they were labeled as “harmless reptiles”. When law enforcement searched Rance’s home for more possible evidence, they also found that he was in possession of two firearms, which was not prohibited of him due to being a previously convicted felon. Rance is to be charged for wildlife trafficking as well as illegal ownership of a gun. He faces up to 15 years in prison and $500,000 in fines.

Man Goes Fishing with Fatherless Children

For 11 years, William Dunn has dedicated himself to helping children without father figures in the way he knows best: fishing. This venture began with 8 year old Cameron Delong. Upon meeting him, Delong showed clear frustration with his life, with Dunn only finding out why by learning that he lacked a father figure in his life. Dunn then remembered how his father always took him out fishing whenever he was down, so he was determined to do the same thing for young Delong. After noticing an increase in Delong’s maturity and overall happiness, Dunn then realized what he had to do next. Using his own money, he started reaching out to foster homes to take kids out for weekly fishing incursions. According to Dunn, these trips teach kids the importance of patience, cooperation, and keeping a sound mind. Due to not being a very competitive activity, kids also learn to accept loss and carry on, should they fail to catch a fish. After 8 years, Dunn formally established these incursions as part of a nonprofit organization, named Take a Kid Fishing Inc.

Man Sits on Woman in Order to Use Gym Equipment

On Thanksgiving morning, 78 year old Robert Dvorak was arrested for battery against two sisters at the gym. According to an affidavit, while waiting for the two sisters to finish using an exercise machine, Dvorak got impatient. As a result, he made his way over and simply sat on one of the women and began using the machine. When her sister attempted to help her, Dvorak pushed her away and continued exercising, which Dvorak also admitted to once deputies arrived on the scene. According to witnesses of the event, Dvorak was also the one who instigated the incident. Dvorak now faces a charge for battery against a person.



Florida man pleads guilty to illegally shipping turtles & venomous snakes