Benjamin Franklin Playoffs

Dante Turgeon, Contributor

Your Benjamin Franklin Chargers have clinched a playoff spot! The team will be facing the 7-3 Mesquite Wildcats on Friday November 19th under the lights. There will be much needed support from the Chargers fans since the game is away, but nonetheless it should be a solid turnout. The Chargers are going to come in with an even bigger desire to beat their opponent due to the recent loss on November 5th. Coming in as the so-called “underdog” is where Benjamin Franklin thrives, being doubted only makes them more hungry to prove others wrong. Quarterback Grant Lindblom will hopefully lead the Chargers to a victory along with the help from Running back Garrett Jones, Linemen Aaron Allen and Brigham Alexander and freshman Defensive Back Ridge Allen. Overall, the Benjamin Franklin Chargers have a solid regular season record going 6-4. Being only one game behind the Mesquite Wildcats in the regular season, Friday night should be an exciting one to watch. Both teams will want to move on in the playoffs, but the determining factor will be which team wants it the most. Whoever wants it more will end up winning this battle on the field. With a combination of grit, desire, and work ethic the Chargers should be in excellent shape to beat the Mesquite Wildcats and move onto the next round of playoffs. Wishing The Benjamin Franklin Chargers luck and encouraging fans to attend and support their team at Mesquite High School on Friday night!