Red Taylor’s Version

Red Taylors Version

Michelle Castro, Contributor

Red (Taylor’s version) Review

As many know, Taylor Swift has been taking time to re-record all her previous albums in order to take ownership over her songs. She has already released Fearless, which was a great success and was done perfectly, and most recently Red. The new re-recorded album consists of 30 tracks total, compared to the original red album that only had 22 tracks. The new album has bonus tracks and different versions of the original tracks in the first album. Not only has Taylor grown musically over the years of these albums first being released, but her voice has also improved greatly, causing this new and improved album to have a completely different sound. 

Both albums open up with Taylor’s song, State of grace. This already being a great song has been brought to life again with Taylor’s new vocals. The title tracks (22, We Are Never Getting Back Together, I Knew You Were Trouble, and Red) all have remained the same, but with Taylor’s new vocals. These songs sound much better, in my opinion, and with the new sound it brings back the love we had for these songs back in 2012. The rest of the original songs include: Treacherous, All Too Well, I Almost Do, Stay Stay Stay, The Last Time, Holy Ground, Sad Beautiful Tragic, The Lucky One, Everything Has Changed, Starlight, Everything Has Changed, Begin Again, The Moment I Know, Come Back… Be Here, the acoustic version of State of Grace, and Girl at Home remained the same as well, just enhanced with Taylor’s more mature voice. 

The new tracks on taylor;s album include Ronan, Better Man, Nothing New, Babe, Message in a Bottle, I Bet You Think About Me, Forever Winter, Run, The very First night, and All Too Well, but a 10 minute version. So far the greatest hit out of these new songs has been All Too Well ten minute version. This song is a “diss track” about her previous ex, Jake Gyllenhaal that brings many insights to their relationship.  The new and improved version of this song provides listeners a nostalgic yet renewed feeling. The ballad gets everyone in their feels, and it’s also just a great song. The lyrics and her strong vocals that really portray the emotion behind them help make it such a hit. Many recognize this song with the iconic lyric that many are reciting that goes, “And the punchline goes, “And I was never good at telling jokes, but the punch line goes ‘I’ll get older, but your lovers stay my age. ’” This was a direct hit to Jake and many have united to jokingly sing this song and join on the jake hate bandwagon. All these elements are what cause this song to be the best on this album.  Many of the other “new songs” are also just previous collabs featuring Taylor, or songs by other artists that Taylor is covering, which are also produced well. 

To wrap it all up, Red Taylor’s version is amazing. The new vocals, the new lyrics and the new elements and emotions added to this album make it an amazing piece. Everyone should listen to it, especially All Too Well, the ten minute version of course. 

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