Eternals- Movie Review


Abigail Eklund, Contributor

The new Marvel Studios film called Eternals has created a big change to the Marvel fandom. This Marvel movie has a new team and cast of characters. In the movie you learn about the ten Eternals who are sent to earth to wipe out the population of a creature called Deviants. Every Eternals has a special power or gift they were given. On November 5, 2021 Eternals was released to the theaters and since then the movie has made 282.4 million dollars in the box office. This movie was a new movie series to Marvel and it has created a very good name for itself. 

During the movie the main character Sersi was the one who had the least important power of turning shapes of objects into anything she wanted. But as the movie went on you realised how important she is to the sake of humanity on earth. While Sersi has been on earth for centuries she only has the memories of living on earth. The main creator of life Arishem the judge has told Sersi later in the movie that all of these ten eternals who are on earth are only here until they fulfil their duty of killing the population of Deviants. When she learns this she also learns that she and the other ten eternals have been doing this since the beginning of time and Arishem has been taking away their memory and keeping it in a safe place with him. 

While it was rumored that Harry Styles was in this movie we learn at the end credits that he is Thanos’ brother Starfox also known as Eros. When the movie came out Marvel fans weren’t expecting Harry Styles but later on we learn he is a main important character to the plot of the next movies. The fans of Harry Styles were shocked to say the least but it has created the movie to get even better ratings. Before Eternals Harry Styles had a movie called Dunkirk and that was the movie that got him into acting. 

The movie Eternals is based on the comic book Eternals that was made in 1976. The comic book was previously with DC comics but Marvel bought it and made a Marvel movie out of it. At the beginning of the movie it started back about 7000 years in the past about how they got to earth. As the movie picked up the timeline forwarded to 2021. After killing all of the Deviants the Eternals were very confused as to why they were still on earth but in order to leave earth the Eternals needed permission from Arishem. After the Eternals completed their mission of killing off all of the Deviants they all split up and went their own way on earth. But it wasn’t until some of them were in trouble that they got back together and tried to fix what was happening to earth. When someone in the movie betrayed Sersi she came up with a plan that wasn’t until she got interrupted and that was how the movie ended on a cliffhanger. Overall this movie was a great addition to Marvel Studios.