Adele’s comeback includes an album, a performance, and a proposal


Jamie Hamilton, Contributor

It seems that optimism and new beginnings has gathered its way across the crowd as a couple gets engaged at an Adele CBS concert special. 

Part-way through the performance Adele stopped the show, slipping into the shadows and disappearing. The crowd was quiet, confused as to why the singer had suddenly stopped in the middle of one of her first live shows in six years. Just then, Quentin Brunson brought his blindfolded girlfriend, Ashleigh Mann, on stage. 

“Am I on grass? Where are we?” Mann questions.

All eyes were on them as Brunson got down on one knee. 

“I want to thank you for being so patient with me,” Brunson begins. “Everyday you blow my mind. There’s nothing you can’t do.” As Mann takes off her blindfold and realizes what’s happening, tears fall as excitement takes over. “Am I alive? Is this real?” Mann asks through her smile. “I love you and I continue to love you forever,” Brunson confesses. When Brunson asks for her hand in marriage Mann was more than eager to say yes. As applause rang out Adele stepped out from behind, surprising Mann even more. After hugs were given out, Adele instructed Mann to sit in the front row of the audience, which consisted of other big name celebrities such as Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy. The event was then followed by Adele’s famous 2008 rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love” sung by the one and only, Adele. “Look at her. She’s so in shock,” Adele laughs.

The singer is no stranger to concert proposals as her own shows are known for being a hotspot for newly engaged couples. “Thank god she said yes because I didn’t know who I was going to sing this song to next, you or him,” she teases. 

This concert was one of her first since her hiatus in 2017. After her summer tour, she announced that she would be taking a much-needed break from performing. During that time, she spent the solitude learning how to love herself again. Her divorce with her former husband Simon Konecki had urged her to work on focusing on herself. In an interview with Oprah, she opened up about how the divorce heavily affected both her mental and physical health. With the help of a trainer and the support of many, Adele’s view on herself had grown. 

Adele’s fourth studio album 30 has already received so much love and excitement despite the fact that the entire record has yet to be released. The album entails Adele’s thought process and healing adventure through not only her divorce, but also motherhood and fame. Every day starting from the announcement and ending to the release, the hype for the album builds up more and more– the latest news being the official tracklist. People everywhere have marked their calendars for November 21, 2021, the day 30 gets published. Adele’s latest single Easy on Me has already garnered an immense amount of attention, ranking millions of streams in a single week. Everyone is ready to stream and support Adele on her most recent project.


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