What the Florida!? – Week of November 15 – 21


Oliver Jamias, Contributor

Dancing Florida Man Steals Jewels From the Elderly

Sean Gazo, a man living in Port St. Lucie, Florida, was caught stealing precious jewelry from an 86 year old man after being hired to help move furniture. Gazo and his accomplice, Carl M. Johnson, proceeded to steal about $10,000 in jewelry, which was reported by the old man. The two men were next spotted in a pawn shop by surveillance cameras, where they can be seen walking out of the store after selling their stolen goods. Gazo was seen dancing during his departure, which allowed police officials to easily identify and capture him upon arriving on the scene. Johnson, his accomplice, however, is still at large.

Man Fights Off Deputies With Hatchets

Deputies arrived at the house of Mitchell Albritton to find a horrifying scene: three hostages were covered in what seemed to be blood, and preventing their escape with Albritton, armed with a hatchet. With Albritton threatening to attack the hostages should they attempt to escape, a 911 call was made instead to officials. Upon their arrival, Albritton attempted to close the door shut, but when deputies tried to force it open, they were attacked with a hatchet. Albritton was then promptly restrained and charged with attempted second degree murder and domestic violence, among other charges. Records from the Department of Corrections also showcase that Albritton was found guilty of a murder in 1997. Albritton was jailed after his capture, and all of his victims received medical treatment for their wounds.

Man Attacks Seagull With Shovel

While on vacation on Marco Island, Florida, an unknown man was spotted assaulting a seagull with a shovel before promptly retreating the scene. The only identification available as to who the culprit could be is a photo depicting him with a plastic beach chair and a straw hat. The seagull was immediately taken to the Von Arx Wildlife Hospital so that it could be treated for its wounds. Among the seagull’s various injuries are fractured bones, a twisted wing, and internal bleeding. The man is currently wanted for animal cruelty against a wild animal, and it is suspected that the attack was caused by alcohol or a mental illness.

Man Steals Truck to Avoid Walking Home

A man was seen sleeping in the back of the bucket truck late at night when the owners of the truck spotted him. Police were notified of this, and deputies soon arrived to wake the man and escort him away from the truck. However, almost immediately after waking, the man started to run in an attempt to throw off the authorities, before hijacking the truck and escaping. After a failed chase, the deputies then found the truck empty and abandoned about 20 miles away. The culprit, now identified as Eric Marcotte, was then questioned in his home, where he explained that his main motive for the theft was because he “did not want to walk back” to his residence. The man was then jailed, and is planned to face charges of carjacking and grand theft.