BFHS New Teachers Part 4

Sierra Seay, Contributer

Another new teacher joining BFHS this year is Mr. Duffin, who teaches 7th and 8th grade science. Mr. Duffin has a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Arizona State University and has experience teaching biology in Shenzhen, China. Mr. Duffin loves to travel, hike, and play video games. Growing up, Mr. Duffin’s favorite school subject was history, because he “enjoyed learning about the battles in American History such as the Civil War. The discussions we had as a class were interesting as well. I’m a sucker for politics. For example, election night is a favorite of mine.  I stayed up all night watching tv coverage of the last presidential election.” Mr. Duffin says that he chose to become a teacher because he wanted to make a difference in children’s lives, as many of his role models growing up were teachers and he wishes to also become a role model for students and help them achieve their full potential. As to why he became specifically a science teacher, he says he took AP Biology once and really liked it, then received his BS in Microbiology as he became fascinated with science. Mr. Duffin decided to become a teacher after spending time in Taiwan, where his wife was learning Chinese, where he taught English at a public K-6 school and discovered that he found teaching fun and he loved helping the kids learn.  He believes “students learn best when they are having fun. It is important to teach with passion and let the students know you love the subject you teach. Practicing active listening and promoting respect for others in the classroom also facilitates learning.” Mr. Duffin says his favorite part of teaching is seeing the ‘aha’ moment in students once they understand a challenging concept. He says he also enjoys seeing students excited as they work on labs and “bringing science to life for students”, as he says he feeds off their enthusiasm and finds it humbling when students develop a passion for science because of his class. In coming to BFHS, Mr. Duffin looked forward to introducing a new science program to students, helping his students love science, and seeing them learn more about the world around them. He says so far his favorite part of BFHS is Opening Ceremonies, as he says “Often I will come home and tell my family about what I have learned in OC.  The culture at BFHS is one in which I can tell the students are striving to make correct choices.  This makes it a pleasant environment to work in.” 

Also new to BFHS this year is Mme. Gard, who teaches French and has a Bachelors in Art in French and Education from Arizona State University. Mme. Gard has been teaching for over 15 years and has taught French at both high school and college levels, and she has also worked for a French traveling company called Club Med for 7 years helping French speaking Canadians. She was born in California and moved to Arizona in her senior year of high school, going on to get her BA at ASU. While in college she got to spend about a year and a half living in France. Some of her hobbies include Jazzercise, hiking, and traveling the world to explore foreign countries. Growing up, she says her favorite subjects in school were history and geography, as she loves learning the background of different countries. Mme. Gard says that she knew she wanted to become a teacher when she was in high school and really enjoyed tutoring. Her favorite part of teaching is interacting with her students, getting to know them better everyday, and seeing students begin to understand French better. She believes “that a well-rounded education is one that incorporates different disciplines and subjects so that a student can make connections through different courses to have a deeper understanding of society and how to enact positive change. When those connections are made this leads to a greater overall understanding of the world around us and how it operates.” So far, Mme. Gard has enjoyed BFHS students, as she says they “really work hard and are a joy to be around” and she also appreciates the supportive administration.