Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills

Lexi Ariete, Contributor

In 1978, the first Halloween movie was released in theatres. Now, on October 15, 2021, the newest sequel of the Halloween franchise, Halloween Kills, was released. (The maturity rating being Rated-R, with a total time of 1 hour and 45 minutes). After the comeback of Halloween (2018), main characters, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Karen Nelson (Judy Greer) had a short breath of relief, thinking that they finally killed the Halloween serial killer, Michael Myers. In the newest sequel released in the beginning of October, the killer, once again, strikes on Halloween. Laurie Strode, defeated and hospitalized after the events of the previous movie, receives the news that Michael Myers is still on the loose. The plot of the newest movie (once again) circles around the main characters running from Michael Myers, and trying to fight back to save the town from the toture he has brought for several years. This time, the town works together to finally end things for good. 

After the end of the movie, audiences were quite disappointed with the ending, with some claiming they should have left the story alone. Directed by Daivd Gordon Green, audience members were not completely satisfied with the overall outcome of the movie. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie resulted with the rating of 40 percent on the Tomatometer, and the Audience Score having a 67 percent. The Tomatometer states that “Halloween Kills would satisfy fans in search of brute slasher thrills, but in terms of advancing in the franchise, it’s a bit less than the sum of its bloody parts.” So, Halloween Kills would be a good movie to watch with friends if the element of horror is needed in the air, but for the original fans of the Halloween franchise, they consider it a waste of time. David Stratton, a reviewer from RottenTomatoes, stated “Halloween Kills is an ugly, messy film. It’s a little depressing to learn that yet another sequel is supposedly in the works.” Fans were severely underwhelmed when it came to the newest Halloween movie. Fans are convinced that even with another sequel on the way, that it would just be a continuation of the disappointment they received with this newest film. 

When compared to the very first film of the franchise, the newest movie holds quite dissatisfaction with the audience members. The original movie from 1978 had the TomatoMeter reaching a score of 98 percent, and the Audience Score holding the score of 89 percent. Of course, fans of the franchise hold the original movie dear to their hearts, considering it a Classic horror movie. With all the negative comments circulating about Halloween Kills, it may be safe to say that the newest movie for the franchise is a movie to drift away from for those who want to save their money. The movie is not for those who have a weak stomach, due to the graphic scenes that occur in the movie.

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