JH Softball

Abby Eklund, Contributor

The Benjamin Franklin’s high school’s Junior High softball team has had a good start to their season. On November 2, 2021 the Junior High team played at American Leadership Academy. To start off the season strongly the Junior High team has games for the next couple of weeks. The girls Benjamin Franklin Junior High softball team has a great team of girls that support and talk to each other. All of November the Junior high girls softball team has weekly games. While the last couple of games the Girls Softball team has played and lost they don’t keep their team spirit down and they keep on going to get ready for next week’s game. The Girl Junior high softball team has had great seasons these past years as well as great games this season. Even after the team’s recent loss at American Leadership Academy they keep the energy to play hard up. Benjamin Franklin HIgh School is very excited to have the girl junior high softball team playing this season. Hopefully next week’s girls softball has a win to go with the energy of the team. While the Junior High team is doing very well the energy out on the field makes the team have a win in their books.