What the Florida!? – Week of November 1-7


Oliver Jamias, Contributor

Man Caught Clowning Around With Live Grenade

Officers found a rather peculiar discovery after investigating a truck driver for having expired tags on his vehicle. After pulling over 65 year-old Louis Branson in an attempt to arrest him for failing to update his truck’s tags, deputies then found that he was driving around with a clown mannequin in the front seat. However, this was not the only strange thing they found. In the back of the vehicle was a suspicious looking container, which was then immediately scrutinized to be a possible grenade. When questioned as to why he was in possession of a live explosive, Branson replied with saying he found it at a veteran’s home, and that he kept it due to thinking it was “cool.” Upon further inspection of the device using an X-ray, it was indeed confirmed to be currently active and ready to explode, forcing an explosive disposal team to arrive on the sight to help detonate it safely. As officials continued to survey the vehicle’s interior, they also came across some cocaine and marijuana hidden inside. Branson was then arrested on account of an expired driver’s license, possession of illegal drugs, and possession of a grenade.

Man Jumps Off Bridge to Escape Police

A man named Bryan Gray was speeding in a stolen vehicle on Route 41 when he had the idea to jump off the bridge in an attempt to escape the police pursuing him. According to deputies, Gray had taken a van and proceeded to speed on U.S. 41 when law enforcement got notice of the theft. Gray then proceeded to drive straight into a barrier on the Edison Bridge, leaving the stolen vehicle behind as he exited it. Aerial surveillance footage then depicts Gray jumping off the bridge and into the water below, forcing police boats to be deployed in order rescue him. After being safely rescued from the river, Gray was then promptly taken to a local hospital so that his injuries could be treated. He is to be charged of grand theft auto, as well as attempting to flee authorities.

Man Attacks Coworker With Box Cutter

Nelson Garcia, a 22 year-old construction worker, was arrested after attempting to assault his coworker with a boxcutter. When criticized for drinking on the job, Garcia then proceeded to pull out a boxcutter and wound the man on his neck and chest. Law enforcement soon arrived, causing Garcia to run away to try and escape. His victim was then brought to a hospital by air due to how bad his injuries were, although he ended up making a speedy recovery. Garcia was soon caught by police officers, and he admitted that his attack on his coworker was an attempt at murder and that his boxcutter-turned-makeshift weapon was still in his possession. Garcia was arrested and is to be charged with attempted first-degree-murder.