Deputy Juan Ruiz Passed After Being Beaten by Suspect


Mollie Van Wagner, Contributor

Juan “Johnny” Ruiz was a deputy for Maricopa county. Juan Ruiz dream was to be a sheriff. He served 3 years as a deputy. His family was so proud of him. “Johnny was so happy at his graduation. We were all so proud to see him achieve his dream,” said Ruiz’s brother, Francisco Ruiz. Ruiz was known as a “ kind-hearted soul and hard worker.” 

Sadly, on October 9, 2021 Ruiz was hospitalized in critical condition. Ruiz soon passed surrounded by loved ones. “Another brother falls but we’re all here to show support and pick him up and hopefully everybody can see this,” Rogers said.

On the morning of October 9 Juan Ruiz put Clinton Robert Hurley in custody. At the time, Hurley had many warrants out for his arrest. A call came into the station about a suspicious person. Deputies located Hurley and took him into custody. While Ruiz put Hurley in his cell, Hurley fought back, knocking Ruiz unconscious. Ruiz tried to call for backup but he had lost consciousness. Deputies soon found Ruiz and he was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, Ruiz never awoke. Ruiz’s family donated his organs. Ruiz’s legacy will not be forgotten. Ruiz’s courageousness and selflessness will be remembered. Juan Ruiz’s organs will go towards saving even more people. Juan “ Johnny” Ruiz lay to rest in  Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Avondale. Many came to repay their respects. 

Furthermore, Hurley stole the keys to Ruiz’s police SUV, fled the scene and then carjacked another person. Hurley would not escape. Sheriff Paul Penzone released a statement. He committed to getting justice for Juan Ruizto the fullest extent of the law against the suspect. “Nothing less is acceptable,” Penzone stated. A few hours later Hurley engaged in a shootout with a homeowner in Tonopah. Hurley had previous conflicts with this homeowner. During the Shootout Hurley was struck with a bullet and sent to the hospital. Hurley remained in stable condition. Hurley remained in custody and was taken to Pinal County Adult Detention Center.