Old – Movie Review

Londyn Lockwood, Contributer

M. Night Shyamalan is masterful at redirection as a director. With a plethora of movies in his repertoire that lead you down a path of intrigue only to mystify you with a life lesson at the very end, Signs, The Sixth Sense, The Village and The Happening to name a few of his movies all start by pulling you in with deep character development. Old was no different. 

The movie Old was a unique film that has never been done before. With a unique concept about families going on an island and getting trapped, it all starts in a resort with the families thinking they got away for a relaxing weekend. One of the activities on this resort was to go on a special island that is restricted to guests and is offered to only to a select few families. Once they get to the island by a chauffeur offered by the hotel they make their hike to the beautiful beach that awaits them. Another hotel shuttle van arrives shortly after them and immediately makes the beach not so special. After a happy afternoon of being at the beach weird things start to take place. 

We follow a family who are directed to a secluded beach by the resort they are staying at. One they would enjoy with serenity and silence while on vacation. We learn that each member has some emotional or physical issue that they are dealing with. More people are introduced into the beach setting. As all of the characters are introduced to each other and interact they stumble upon various artifacts left by previous habitants of the beach. One by one, members of the community began to exhibit expedited aging. They seem to be growing old every time one goes out of sight from the others without understanding why, other than the fact that they are on the beach. 

Old is like most of M. Night Shyamalan movies that bury you in storyline only to wrap it up at the end with a convoluted premise. This one being that a pharmaceutical company is using the aging process of the beach to see what happens to the human body when their medication is utilized. The FDA requires some 20 years of testing and on this island they can see its benefits in a matter of a day on the beach as each beach patron lives out their life span on the beach in a day. Also after we learned that when they arrived at the resort they were given the test pharmaceutical. 

M. Night Shyamalan movies, although exciting, are somewhat predictable with the knowledge that you spent the whole movie second-guessing what’s the twist is instead of just enjoying the ride. All his movies seem to be the same 2nd guessing plotline with just different actors…. Family is emotionally unstable, We learn of each character’s dark hidden secrets.

I give Old 6.5 out of 10 stars