Bops or Flops

Ericson Foote, Contributor

This news article is called Bop or Flop. It’s about my favorite music and songs. It’s my opinion so don’t get offended. If you like alternative, rock, surf, indie, British rock, or any other types of music like that find my account on Spotify at ericsonfoote. This paragraph is going to be about the band the Flaming Lips. The Flaming Lips have been around since 1983 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The band currently consists of Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd, Derek Brown, Matt Duckworth Kirksey and Nicholas Ley. The lead singer, Wayne Coyne, has such a unique voice and many great songs and albums. One of my favorite songs is “She don’t use jelly” in the album called ”Transmissions from the Satellite Heart.” I had the opportunity to go to one of their concerts in Tempe Arizona on August 23rd, 2021. They put on such a great show and they were great at including the audience in every song. It was such a fun night. I’m so glad I got to go with my friends. My all time favorite song by them is “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt 1.” It’s such a great song, it’s a BOP. It’s approved by The Ethan Evangelista so if you haven’t listened to it you have to play it right now and you will thank me later. When you hear it you feel like you’re floating in space, it truly hits different. 

My favorite band right now is the band Hunny. They are so talented and their music just makes you feel so good. Hunny is an American rock band from Newbury Park, California, formed in 2014. The band consists of Jason Yarger, Jake Goldstein, Kevin Grimmett, and Joey Anderson. The lead singer Jason Yarger has such a great voice, the guitarist Jake Goldstein comes up with the coolest guitar sounds, the bassist, backup singer and keyboardist Kevin Grimmett is so talented, and the drummer Joey Anderson Can keep a great drum beat with so much rhythm. I love their music. My favorite songs are Televised, Vowells, Shy, Hallways, and Halloween but seriously, all of their songs are so good. Give them a listen and let me know what you think. I wish I could go to one of their concerts but they don’t have any shows in Arizona.

The last band in this article is popsticlestickairport. They are a smaller band and the lead singer Rhys Green has such an amazing voice he comes from Benjamin Franklin high school. And the drummer Gunner Burton has an amazing skill he was meant for drums. I don’t know how they aren’t more popular. I went to one of their concerts which made me appreciate them even more. They were so good and put on a fun concert. They inspired me to try to start my own band and have fun while playing drums and guitar. Look out for my up and coming band Indigo Splash Club.