North Korea’s Invincible Army and Economic Struggles


Lexi Ariete, Contributor

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, has recently started building and improving an “invincible military” in “self-defense.” Kim Jong-Un claims that he does not plan on starting a war, but is simply creating a defense as a precaution for any potential surprise-attacks by their long-term rivalry with South Korea. He has started improvements for tanks, submarines, and numbers in their military. President Biden has tried to communicate with North Korea, only if Pyongyang (North Korean City) is willing to lay down their defenses, but North Korea has refused to lay them down. 

The North Korean leader does not plan on taking down the defenses any time soon. A South Korean correspondent, Laura Bicker, shared that Kim Jong-Un showed them his military so far, which was described to have an insane amount of supplies and numbers in troops. Pictures of Kim Jong-Un are posted everywhere, with him wearing a military uniform. He makes it clear that he does not plan on taking down his military. In fact, he plans on creating new weapons and upgrading their military training altogether. He justifies his defenses because South Korea is doing the same as well, however, they are doing so because of North Korea, which spirals into trying to one-up one another’s military power. 

Kim Jong-Un is concerned about how long the military power will be stable because of the economic troubles that North Korea is currently facing. The North Korean leader is struggling to find the balance between focusing on the people or focusing on the betterment of the invincible military.

With the upgrades that North Korea is having on their weaponry, that also means testing those upgrades. However, the United Nations have banned North Korea testing any of their ballistic missiles, but unfortunately, North Korea has come accustomed to ignoring those rules, and testing their weaponry anyways. Just recently, North Korea tested weaponry, but the constant disregard of the rules the UN is setting out is worrying them. North Korea keeps pressuring the press that they are only testing weapons and need to test weapons because they need to improve their self defense. 

Since Covid started, North Korea has been debating to close off their gates to attempt to control the number of cases in their country. China has discontinued their trade with North Korea, leading North Korea to struggle to control their food and fuel supply, especially since China was North Korea’s main trading partner. 

Altogether, North Korea is struggling economically due to their hyperfocus on building their military. The North Korean citizens are concerned about their leader’s health, due to the physical struggles that he appears to be having during press meetings and in public. North Korea’s “self defense” may be getting too far advanced. The United Nations are on edge about whether or not North Korea will continue to ignore their boundaries on missile testing. Covid may continue to bring down North Korea’s numbers, especially with the struggles with food that they are currently having. At the end of the day, South Korea and North Korea are still butting heads, and Kim Jong-Un will not stop building his military until he achieves his dream army.



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