Wisconsin Shootout Ends In One Dead and One Critically Injured

Reagan Farnsworth , Contributor

In the early morning of Sunday, August 22, 2021 a traffic stop was initiated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after an officer witnessed the suspect run a red light. The suspect, later identified as 31-year-old Tyran Lamb, pulled over multiple times but refused to put his vehicle in park, as shown in the squad cam footage. Lamb then led the three Greenfield Police Officers on a short pursuit. Spike strips, a tire-deflation tool often used by police to halt suspects fleeing in vehicles, were unsuccessfully deployed to stop Lamb. Shortly after, the suspect illegally entered an intersection of South 27th and West Becher Street, striking another vehicle, which ended the pursuit. 

A 36-year-old officer accompanied by two backup officers approached Lamb who was still in his vehicle. The officers, who all have less than five years on the force, clearly communicated to the suspect to show his hands more than a dozen times. While the officers were attempting to de-escalate the situation, a female bystander interjected herself into this dangerous situation. This heightened the intensity of the scene and distracted the officers.The leading officer moved closer to the suspect’s windshield to ensure the suspect was not a threat, as the officer could not see his hands. After failing to comply with the officer’s order, Lamb drew his own firearm and shot through his windshield multiple times. While the leading officer took refuge behind the other vehicle, he then communicated over his radio that shots were fired and he was hit. This offered the leading officer another perspective on the suspect, although his choice put himself in more danger. As Lamb fled from his vehicle, he fired his gun multiple more times striking the leading officer at point blank range, leaving him with gunshot wounds in his hand, chest, and leg. Even though these wounds could have been fatal, the officer was still determined to take down the suspect.

As the suspect fled into a neighboring yard as the back up officer fired her gun at him. He was hit multiple times and died at the scene, the medical examiner later confirmed. As the suspect was down, the backup officer tended to the leading officer’s wounds.“I’m having trouble breathing, please don’t let me die, I’m begging you.” The body cam footage showed the leading officer pleading for his life as the back up officer applied a tourniquet to his injured leg. She assured him he would be ok as they waited for medical attention to arrive.

The Chief of Greenfield Police, Jay Johnson, credited these officers heroism and bravery as they encountered this armed felon. He praised their good tactics under these intense circumstances. This is a reminder that officers have to face dangerous situations daily in order to protect our communities. Because of the backup officer’s fast thinking and courage, the wounded officer is now at home and expected to make a full recovery. Although the body cam footage was released, this case is still under investigation by the Milwaukee County Area Investigative Team.


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